hxpilly asked: Do you speak Portuguese?

No, sorry! :/

Anonymous asked: brigit what is your phone number?

I’m not Bridgit Mendler, sorry. :)



we need your help. if you’re a lemonhead, then you probably want to watch lemonade mouth 2, but Disney cancelled it. some minutes ago, Adam tweeted: 

Any body out there who wants LM 2, write to Disney - they may listen if there is enough of you…

all we need to do right now is to find a way to contact disney and then ask them for a lemonade mouth 2. as the movie says, let’s start a revolution. we can make this happen.

bridgitmendleronline asked: follow back? (:

Hey, sorry. This is a sub-blog. I can’t follow back on this account. ^^;

Quality LM roleplay.

morethanaband-rp asked: Hey! can you give us a shout out! We're looking for a Mo and Ray to complete our lemonade mouth characters! :)

Sure thing! I’ll make a separate post.

Reach for my hand, ‘cause it’s held out for you.
My shoulders are small, but you can cry on them, too.
Everything changes, but one thing is true. 
Understand, we’ll always be more than a band. 

Hey, guys!

If you have Lemonade Mouth blogs, or you’re a blogger who posts Lemonade Mouth things, can you send me the link? I want to start up a page dedicated to Lemonade Mouth bloggers. I will also take roleplay blogs (the main group, of course.)! 

Okay, thanks. :) More things will be posted soon.